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Gas Based Fire Supression Systems

Water Based Fire Fighting Systems

Water leak Detection Systems

Linear Heat Detection Systems

Rodent Repellant Systems

Public Address Systems

Access Control And Intrusion Detection Systems

CCTV Survelliance Systems

Fire Extinguishers

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Refilling of Fire Suppression Systems

FM-200, Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Novec-1230 Fire Suppression Systems

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Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

Gas Based Fire Supression Systems

Water Based Fire Fighting Systems

About Us

We at Megha Pro Tech Systems Private Limited.., endeavours to be the Best System Integration Company in the field of Building Automation, Security, Fire Protection Solutions, HVAC and Electrical works PAN INDIA.

The company was started with a vision to offer the customers the best of technology, products and services in the field – thereby ensuring the efficiency, security and business continuity to our customers..

  • We shall seamlessly work to achieve the top level of customer satisfaction, by offering best in uninterrupted service to our customers;
  • we do the design as per the national & International Standards with Local authorities Guidance.
  • All the key components for the individual systems confirm to the highest quality standards and to Indian standards such as the BIS and to international approval standards such as UL and Factory Mutual Research Corporation. To give our esteemed and regular customers quick response and time.

At Megha pro, we believe that quality enhancement in every step of design, supply, commissioning and maintenance is a continuous process and all the activities in the company confirm to this central value. We as a company have a conviction that the best of design, material & workmanship accompanied by a time tested product & system will result in a value for money, products thus a satisfied customer.

The complete designing of our Systems is done on computerized programs by qualified professionals in conformation to the relevant Indian and International standards. All designs abide by the Indian fire services dept/or Tariff Advisory Committee and the U.K and USA fire protection standards.

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We do design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Documentation, Handing Over & Annual Maintenance Contracts of the following Systems to the Customers.

Gas Based Fire Suppression Systems

FM-200, Clean Agent Suppression Systems.

Novec1230 Fire Suppression Systems.

IG 541 Inert Gas Clean Agent Suppression Systems.

CO2 Suppression Systems.

Fire Detection and Alarm systems

Conventional Detection systems

Intelligent Analogue Addressable Detection systems

Water based Fire Fighting Systems

Wet pressurized / Dry Preaction Sprinkler Systems.

Fire Hydrant Systems.

MVW / HVW Spray Systems

Air Sampling Based High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems

Public Address Systems

Access Control and Intrusion Detection Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Water Leak Detection Systems

Rodent Repellent System

Temperature monitoring System

Integrated Building Automation Systems

HVAC controls, Lighting controls, Pump Management, Scheduling, and a host of third party integrations for fire detection, access and instrusion, PAC, UPS and Other intelligent devices/Systems.

Lonworks based flat Hierarchy Modular systems with peer-to-peer networking, Global Communcations, and lowest cycle times.

Interoperable intelligent systems that allows the customer maximum flexibility in selection.

Linear Heat Detection Systems

Wet Chemical based Kitchen fire Suppression systems

Vehicle fire suppression systems

Fire Extinguishers

HVAC and Electrical Works

We Offer

Capabilities extending through partnerships with reliable Indian / International companies for distribution, and product referring. Leading brands and strategic and unique partnerships qualify Megha Pro to deliver Best Solutions to you

Gas Based Fire Suppression Systems

Ansul / Fenwal / chemetron
Co2 Flooding Systems
EKC / Ansul
Kitchen Suppression Systems
FM- 200 Kidde
Fenwal / chemetron
Fire Extinguisher
Safex /Intime / ISI

Water Based Suppression Systems

NFPA 14 / TAC / FM Approved
Co2 Flooding Systems
Kitchen Suppression Systems
Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems
Viking / Tyco

Detection & Security Systems

Addressable & Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
Notifier / GE / Morley / Mircom / Secutron
High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems
Water Leak Detection Systems
Sontay / TTK
Linear Heat Detection Systems
System Sensor / Protectowire
Gas Detection Systems
Detection Instruments
Access Control Systems
Spectra / Solus, HID
Video Surveillance Systems / CCTV Systems
DVTEL / AURIC / Hikvision
Rodent Repellent Systems
Maser / R-Scat
Public Address & Voice Evacuation Systems
Bosch / Ahuja

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