Capabilities extending through partnerships with reliable Indian / International companies for distribution, and product referring. Leading brands and strategic and unique partnerships qualify Megha Pro to deliver Best Solutions to you.

  • Gas Based Suppression System
  • Conventional Detection systems
  • Intelligent Analogue Addressable Detection systems.
  • Linear Heat Detection Systems.
  • Air Sampling Based High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems
  • Gas Based Fire Suppression Systems:
  • FM-200, Clean Agent Suppression Systems.
  • Novec1230 Fire Suppression Systems ,
  • IG 541 Inert Gas Clean Agent Suppression Systems.
  • CO2 Suppression Systems.
  • Water based Fire Fighting Systems
  • Wet pressurized / Dry Pre-action Sprinkler Systems.
  • Fire Hydrant Systems.
  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems.
  • Wet Chemical based Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems.
  • Water Leak Detection Systems.
  • Access Control and Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • DVR & IP based CCTV Surveillance Systems.
  • Integrated Building Automation Systems.

HVAC controls, Lighting Controls, Pump management, Scheduling, and a host of third party integrations for Fire detection, access and intrusion, PAC, UPS and Other intelligent devices/Systems. - Lonworks based Flat Hierarchy Modular systems with Peer-to-Peer networking, Global Communications, and lowest cycle times. Interoperable Intelligent systems that allow the customer maximum flexibility in selection.

  • Public Address System.
  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • HVAC and Electrical works.