Gas Based Fire Suppression Systems:

  • FM-200, Clean Agent Suppression Systems.
  • Novec1230 Fire Suppression Systems.
  • IG 541 Inert Gas Clean Agent Suppression Systems.
  • CO2 Suppression Systems

Fire Detection and Alarm systems:

  • Conventional Detection systems
  • Intelligent Analogue Addressable Detection systems

Water based Fire Fighting Systems:

  • Wet pressurized / Dry Preaction Sprinkler Systems.
  • Fire Hydrant Systems.
  • MVW / HVW Spray Systems

Air Sampling Based High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems

Public Address Systems

Access Control and Intrusion Detection Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Water Leak Detection Systems

Rodent Repellent System

Temperature monitoring System

Integrated Building Automation Systems:

  • HVAC controls, Lighting Controls, Pump management, Scheduling, and a host of third party integrations for Fire detection, access and intrusion, PAC, UPS and Other intelligent devices/Systems.
  • Lonworks based Flat Hierarchy Modular systems with Peer-to-Peer networking, Global Communications, and lowest cycle times.
  • Interoperable Intelligent systems that allow the customer maximum flexibility in selection.

Linear Heat Detection Systems

Wet Chemical based Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Extinguishers

HVAC and Electrical works